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In the context of mechanical industrial companies TMA MECHANICAL is distinguished by the ability to realize with professionalism, quality, consulting and security facilities for the various industrial productions.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over decades of work experience, specialization reached by the technicians and all the staff, the TMA MECHANICAL is now the possibility to realize the Design, Construction, Installation and Maintenance of industrial plants in general.

The main activities are:
• Construction and installation of structural steelwork and ornamental design for civil and industrial works;
• Construction and installation of tanks, silos, hoppers, boiler, dosing and transport of materials;
• Mechanical precision for the industry and construction of complete machines;
• Civil and industrial plant, pipes for transport of liquid and gas according to the law (natural gas, oil, thermal oil, etc.);
• Design and construction of turnkey industrial plants
• Highly qualified mechanical maintenance of industrial plants in general with particular specialization in manufacturing plants cement, aggregates and production in general of building material.
• Technical advice before and after sales.

The company is organized with the most technologically advanced equipment and workforce up to date.

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