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For TMA MECHANICAL, the engineering department is the basis on which to set each project to be implemented.

It is equipped with computerized system of the most modern and technologically advanced products such as CAM, CAD and development programs, equipment essential for the success of each activity by the simple carpentry to more complex mechanical system of production.

The experience gained by our engineers is the add and unique that enriches this vital part of the company.

It consists of skilled workers including designers, committed leaders, and consultants involved in the management of contracts and in assembly and maintenance in shipyard construction in the workshop production, all coordinated by the Technical Department.

Periodically updat Department is able to meet with highly professional customer needs and collaborate in the creation of good jobs with wit and cunning.

The main activities are:
• Reliefs in work and measurements
• Lay-out general
• Testing the feasibility
• Issuance of the elaborate construction
• Development of worksheets
• Mounting details.


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