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The TMA MECHANICAL began as a construction metal structural work by Mr. Antinucci, who wanted to convey their experiences in company in the field and follow in the footsteps of family, founders of various industrial companies, leading Mechanical since 1970.

The organizational structure was handled immediately under the supervision of the family and property, from the position of director and legal representative to the Commercial and Technical Consultancy and secretariat and administration.

The team for decades gave sap and vitality to projects and investments in the short term, leading the organization to high levels of specialization and among the most important in the industry.

Through the years, the constant demands on the part of the best known global customers, pushes towards the creation of the company TMA MECHANICAL, with the aim of managing the construction of carpentry and mechanical precision primarily focused on the foreign market in strong growth.

In several years there is a constant professional development organization. With the implementation of major systems complete in every detail to the most famous Italian and foreign Clients, the organization reaches maturity that the professional ranks in prominent positions as a point of reference Technical Organizational and Plant Engineering Industrial Production in the Italian market.

The company, founded a family business, has maintained the characteristics of moral correctness and the good relationship between the workers at all levels of the company makes a company close and always available to solve the various problems of the customer.

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